the reason behind our clear packaging

The concept for our packaging took a few twists and turns but when we took a step back and analysed the brand as a whole, the vision was clear (no pun intended).

This was not easy though, and it took a lot of convincing the manufacturers to get behind the idea. They said that because of the organic and palm oil free ingredients, it wasn't recommended as the formula is a lot more susceptible to change in things like colour.

As there is so much masking and disguising that happens in the cosmetic industry, we really wanted to go against this and just be completely real and keep the formulas as raw as possible.

We didn't change any of the colouring to suit the brand, we just thought - whatever it looks like is what it's going to be. And we actually had no idea until the very end when it all got delivered.

We didn't want to put any additional ingredients in that would only used to change the appearance and not to contribute to healthy skin. We're just all about good skin, wellbeing and nothing else.

So although it was a risk, we went for it anyway. Our thought process was:



What you see is what you get. These are the formulas in their original state with no marketing aspect to sway your opinion. They do not claim to be the colour of an ingredient - like when a product says it has avocado and it's sort of a green colour so you think it must be true haha. We've got fooled by stuff like that in the past before we got into the industry!


This goes for all of our business practises, so we want each touch point to reflect this. We're always going to be open and honest so we thought what a better way to start than our packaging, and to show you exactly what is usually covered up with other brands. It may not be as marketable, but it's honest.


No matter your style and aesthetic, it's always going to fit in as it has no colour or trend to it. It will feel at home on any shelf, any bathroom or anywhere for that matter!


One of the best benefits is that you'll always know when you're about to run out! So many times we've been caught out with half a pump left and had to salvage whatever was old and leftover in the back of the cupboard. This way you can plan ahead and always be on top of it.


Have you ever bought cosmetics and got to the end and realised that the packaging was actually bigger than the volume of the formula they put in? Almost like when you buy a packet of chips but the packet is always half full? That was something that irritated us so much! Because you know they did that on purpose just to get our money and think we're getting heaps of product. Not with these my friend! Again - what you see is what you get!


So although is was risky and nerve racking to change it up, we always had you guys at heart. So much thought has gone into every aspect and it always comes back to what we think will be best for our amazing community.

We're just so tired of the bs that comes with cosmetic brands - we just want you to have complete faith in us, and know we're doing it for you and had you in our thoughts from the very beginning.