In an effort to be more than skincare, we're committed to doing our bit to help causes close to our heart to support a truly conscious lifestyle. By supporting us, you're helping to support much more.

certified organic

We are certified COSMOS Organic by the ACO Certification.

Organic is not just “chemical free”, but is a holistic means of growing and handling ingredients. The whole system is linked from the soil, plants, animals, food, people and the environment. By using and supporting certified organic ingredients, together we're helping to respect the land and biodiversity. Discover more here.

the orangutan project 

Proceeds from your purchase goes to helping critically endangered orangutans.

$1 from every Multivitamin Creme sold goes directly to The Orangutan Project in an effort to rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutans, protect forests, secure, protect and patrol orangutan habitat and to educate and empower local communities & indigenous people. We have also adopted our own baby orangutan as part of this cause.

no palm oil

By purchasing products with no palm oil, you’re helping to take a stance on this destructive industry. 

In an effort to not contribute to deforestation, habitat loss & endangering orangutans, we will never use palm oil in our products. As over 80% of the orangutan habitat has been lost in the last 20 years due to the high demand of this oil, this is an extremely important and crucial cause. Discover more here.

children's ground

Helping First Nations children & families be free from economic poverty and inequity.

Their vision is to create a future where these children are free from trauma and suffering, and are able to enjoy equity and safety. In an effort to support this future, we are making a fixed amount donation every month to this beautiful cause.

ethically sourced shea butter

Together we're supporting the women in Burkina Faso who harvest & make this beautiful butter.

Our range incorporates ethically sourced Shea Butter from a small part of Africa - Burkina Faso. This work provides employment and income to millions of women across the continent. The women use traditional methods of crushing the nuts inside to extract the butter, which is boiled, cleaned, packaged and then sold fairly.


If you wish to support us in these causes, feel free to head to our collection here.