why choose organic skincare?

As I have extremely sensitive skin, I have learnt over the years to gravitate towards more natural and soothing skin care products. I used to go for the ones that said 'natural' or 'plant derived' or something else like that. However these would still affect my skin as I was just looking at the branding. I remember using a body wash that said it used 'active naturals' and was marketed to my skin type. Afterwards, my skin broke out in a massive red rash. I looked at the back of the bottle and realised it was loaded with alcohols and fragrances (not to mention a bunch of other stuff I didn't recognise). I also realised that the term 'active naturals' didn't really mean anything. I then started researching organic products and realised the ones with a certification have no tricks or gimmicks and are actually looking out for your health with the ingredients they use. The more I looked into it all, I realised there are so many reasons why they're such a good option...



When your skin is sensitive, it doesn’t have as strong a barrier as those with normal skin. This means that any nasty ingredient will penetrate deeply through your skins natural barrier and will most likely cause a reaction. So all of those alcohols, perfumes and chemicals in supermarket products (as well as those upscale brands) will be quickly absorbed and will be hindering that barrier, making way for more rapid flare ups, reactions, dry skin and so much more. However, if you use organic ingredients, what will be penetrating the skin will be nourishing, protecting and healing that barrier.



Supermarket products will ultimately do an okay job on the surface, however they’re not actually putting any goodness into your skin or nourishing it in any way. I like to think of it like when you get fast food for dinner; it will fill you up for a little while, however you will most likely feel hungry and unsatisfied not long after, as it hasn’t actually sustained you. Organic products will actually work to make your skin better, rather than temporarily masking any issues that you may have with chemicals.

Organic products will keep your skin looking healthier for longer as they are actually restoring it, keeping it supple, hydrated, enhancing elasticity, fighting free radical damage and so much more!



When you buy organic products, you know what you’re putting on your skin is not harmful in any way because there is so many criteria that needs to be met in order to get an organic certification. When you see that logo, you know that there has been no nasty ingredients disguised in the long list and each ingredient has been grown in an ethical way. Certified organics products also must be clearly labelled so everything is clear for the consumer.



Products that have been certified organic, means that each ingredient has been sourced, grown and harvested in an ethical way without pesticides or harmful chemicals. Eco friendly materials are usually used throughout the process, as these are usually smaller companies who care about the environment.



When you buy certified organic products in Australia, it means that there has been no animal testing done throughout the entire process.


I hope these points have helped shed some light on why it’s such a good option and that organic products are truly an investment in your skins longevity and overall health, as well as being the safest option for the environment.