exercise & glowing skin

Exercise is great for the obvious reasons we all know, however sometimes the benefit on how if effects our skin can sometimes get overlooked. Our skin truly shows what’s happening within the body on the outside.



  • Any cardiovascular activity will increase blood flow and promote healthy circulation, which helps to nourish our skin cells
  • As your heart starts to pump faster, it delivers more oxygen to the muscles but also the skin
  • The blood vessels near the skin dilate when we exercise in order to cool us down, which also promotes a natural and healthy glow
  • It also helps to promote collagen production which is the protein which helps to repair your skins elasticity making it look firm, supple and youthful 



  • The oxygenated blood also helps to remove waste and free radial damage caused by pollution
  • Exercise pretty much helps cleanse the skin from the inside
  • The sweat that you generate while exercising also helps to remove toxins, excess oil and dirt out of your pores
  • Be sure to shower quickly after exercise, as this is the best time to get rid of all the things that have been brought to the skins surface
  • Your pores will probably also be open which is the prime time to cleanse your face and also for your serums and moisturisers to really penetrate the skin so you can get the best results
  • Remember to also keep your body hydrated as if it’s lacking water, your skin may look dry, dull and your body will loose vital electrolytes, which can reduce collagen production



  • Exercise also helps lower stress levels, which can be truly beneficial for the skin.
  • When you’re stressed your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which has the ability to break down collagen and elastin
  • Cortisol can also influence the body’s production of oil from the sebaceous glands, which can cause acne and blemishes
  • Stress also has the potential to cause eczema flare-ups



  • After exercise, your sleep generally improves, which is so beneficial for the skin to heal and repair itself
  • To find out a bit more about sleep and the effects it has on our skin, jump over to our other blog post all about it!



  • Exercising also promotes endorphins, which help you feel happy and energised
  • Endorphins also help to reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • When you exercise outdoors and get a bit of sunlight, it can boost your mood and when you’re happy on the inside, your skin will show it on the outside!




  • Single Jump Skipping - 30 Seconds
  • Rest - 10 Seconds
  • 10 Burpees - 30 Seconds - 1 Minute
  • Rest - 10 Seconds
  • 10 Jumping Lunges Each Side (20 Total) - 30 Seconds
  • Rest - 10 Seconds
  • 25 Bicycle Sit Ups - 30 Seconds
  • Rest - 10 Seconds
  • 15 Leg Raises - 30 Seconds
  • Rest - 10 Seconds
  • Plank - 1 Minute
  • Rest - 10 Seconds
  • Repeat!