at home body treatment

Although we all love a good facial - sometimes I feel like my whole body needs the same attention, especially coming out of the colder weather.

And because so many of us are are at home, I thought this would be a perfect way to explore an at home body treatment.

I've come up with some simple and effective steps will have your body feeling revived, fresh and glowing!


This only has to be a short 5-10 minute flow or stretch - but will definitely have your body feeling happy and energised. This will also help to increase circulation, blood flow and will also help to get you in tune with your body and in a peaceful headspace. You can check out our short calming yoga flow here as well as some amazing benefits of yoga for the skin here.


This is such an amazing thing to incorporate as not only does it gently remove dead skin cells, but helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, promotes firmness, enhances blood circulation, enhances absorption into the skin and boosts skin elasticity.

You can also incorporate a scrub which will have similar benefits as well as adding hydration to the skin. You can check out our decadent triple Coconut Body Scrub recipe here.


Rinse off with warm water - warm enough to create steam in the shower (but not overly hot so it doesn't strip your natural oils). This will help to boost blood flow around the body and also open up the pores to enhance absorption for the next steps of the treatment.

You can put drops of essential oils in the shower to create a beautiful aroma making it feel like a true spa session. I would opt for scents like peppermint for invigoration or patchouli for relaxation.


To add some concentrated nutrients - I love creating this body serum with just two ingredients - Aloe Vera Juice & Green Tea.

Simply add 50ml of Aloe Vera Juice with a teaspoon of cold Pure Green Tea.

This simple recipe will add hydration deep into the skin as well as an exquisite dose of antioxidants.

* Tip - I found this 1L Aloe Vera Juice just at my local Coles and I find it so handy to use in all different recipes!

You can keep this serum in an empty Dew Drops jar to up-cycle the packaging as well as creating an easy application.


For a more protective and softening layer, this DIY oil works beautifully. All you need is some Coconut Oil & our Dew Drops.

Simply add 3/4 cup of Coconut Oil with a teaspoon of our Dew Drops.

This oil will make the skin extremely soft while giving it a boost of nutrients from the Dew Drops.

You can keep this oil in an empty Multivitamin Crème jar to up-cycle the packaging as well as creating an easy application.


The last step to have you feeling nourished from the inside out is to straight away put some water into your body. I love the comforting and warming feeling of a herbal tea for this step as it helps wind you down and promote a sense of calmness. We created a simple tea recipe that is perfect for this which you can check out here.

We hope you enjoy creating this beautiful treatment and taking some time out just for yourself.