calming tea

Tea is one of my all time favourite things - I think I must have at least three cups of herbal tea a day! I love the ritual of it, how comforting it is and also as a way to get my water intake up.

Recently I have been experimenting with different herbs for different benefits, and this is one I found to help calm and ease my mind.

This blend is infused with lavender, chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm which all help to promote relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety. They also offer other health benefits like boosting immunity, relieving digestive problems, reducing headaches and all contain essential antioxidants. 


1-Teaspoon Dried Lemon Balm

1-Teaspoon Dried Chamomile

½-Teaspoon Dried Lavender

½-Teaspoon Dried Passionflower


Combine all of the herbs into a tea infuser of your choice. I have a couple of teapots with the infuser built in which I find super convenient. 

You can also make a bigger batch and store in a canister.

This will make it easy to use an individual clamp style infuser, which you can just place into your favourite mug.